Young Beagler Award

A new award will be introduced for beagle packs at the 2017 show. The award is designed to encourage young people to play an active role in the hunt and perhaps enter a career in hunt service. Masters or Huntsmen are invited to nominate a young person who may be employed or may be a volunteer. Nominees should not have attained their 25th birthday on 1st May.

Entries are invited from beagle packs that have shown at the SEHS in the last three years or are showing this year. Entry forms can be downloaded below.

Please submit details of your nominees to the Hound Show Secretary no later than 12 May. Entries should include a citation, along with name, age, name of hunt and contact

The nominees will be judged by a panel and the winner will be announced and a presentation made at the show.

The winner will receive £100 cash prize and a hunting horn, kindly donated by Sir Nicholas Soames and Ian Cunningham.

Download Entry Form Here:  Young Hunt Staff Award Beagler


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