Results 2017

Results Foxhound 2017

Dog Hounds

Class 1 – Best entered dog hound bred and shown by local pack
1st CL&C Mascot
2nd ES&RM Darwin
3rd Old Berks Palmer

Class 2 – Best couple of unentered dog hounds
1st Heythrop Rancher and Ransack
2nd CL&C Dragon and Droitwich
3rd C&H Sampson and Safeguard

Champion unentered dog:  Heythrop Ransack
Reserve:  CL&C Dragon

Class 3 – Best couple of entered dog hounds
1st CL&C Mascot and Mandate
2nd Heythrop Worcester and Wootton
3rd Surrey Union Stockman and Stinger

Class 4 – Best two couple of entered dog hounds
1st EKwWS Saracen, Saxon, Spectre and Suspect
2nd Heythrop Worlock, Wooton, Statesman and Stadium
3rd S&E Dapper, Dasher, Craftsman and Cricket

Class 5 – Best stallion hound
1st CL&C Grafton
2nd Heythrop Wootton
3rd S&E Dasher

Class 6
Champion Dog Hound:  Heythrop Ransack
Reserve:  CL&C Dragon

Local Champion Dog Hound:  CL&C Dragon


Bitch Hounds

Class 7 – Best entered bitch bred and shown by a local pack
1st SU Starlight
2nd SU Stardust
3rd C&H Chapter

Class 8 – Best couple of unentered bitch hounds
1st Heythrop Racket and Stella
2nd OSB&WK Bedtime and Beehive
3rd Old Berks Teapot and Telltale

Unentered Champion Bitch:  Heythrop Stella
Reserve:  Heythrop Racket

Class 9 – Best couple of entered bitch hounds
1st SU Starlight and Stardust
2nd Heythrop Stringer and Starlight
3rd C&H Ballot and Banner

Class 10 – Best two couple of entered bitch hounds
1st Heythrop Starling, Stanza, Stringer and Starlight
2nd C&H Ballot, Banner, Banter and Bafta
3rd EKwWS Sable, Safety, Sapphire and Satin

Class 11 – Best brood bitch
1st Heythrop Stigma
2nd Heythrop Harriet
3rd EKwWS Safety

Class 12
Champion Bitch Hound:  Heythrop Stella
Reserve:  SU Starlight

Local Champion Bitch Hound:  SU Starlight

Class 13 – Pack with the best overall performance based on points
1st Heythrop
2nd CL&C
3rd EKwWS




Class 14
1st, Palmer Malborough Saxon
2nd, PM Dalesman
3rd, RAC Viking

Class 15
1st, PM Winston
2nd, Christchurch & Farley Hill Tankard
3rd, RAC Scandal

Class 16
1st, PM Dalesman & Winston
2nd, RAC Whitaker & Viking
3rd, Old Berkshire Mulligan & Mursley

Class 17
1st, OB Murcott
2nd PM Craven
3rd, CC&FH Godstow

Class 18
1st OB Galloway
2nd, CC&FH Brutus
3rd, RAC Whiskey

Class 19
1st, OB Winston (Champion)
2nd, OB Balloway (Reserve Champion)


Class 20
1st, OB Posey
2nd, Brighton Storrington Surrey & North Sussex Status
3rd, Pevensey Marsh Damsel

Class 21
1st OB Garlic
2nd, OB Barmaid
3rd, PM Taper

Class 22
1st, PM Tablet & Taper
3rd, CC&FH Violet & Vision

Class 23
1st, BSS&NS Stammer
2nd, RAC Witchcraft
3rd, OB Muffin



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